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Winter at the Great Wall

Every winter season, I always get a kicked out of experiencing snowfall. Coming from a tropical country where snow can only be seen in movies, experiencing it makes you feel like a kid again. Thus, this year, my friends who are into photography made a pact that on the next snowfall, we will go to the Great Wall to see it in its winter glory.


Last weekend, the heavens opened its skies and flurries fell down to the ground.  One of my friend headed to Jinshanling part of the Great Wall.  His photos are quite awesome.  As for me, friends from Philippines and Singapore were in town for a visit and we headed to Mutianyu part of the Great Wall.  Initially, I was hesitant to join as I really wanted some rest.  Since there was a snow forecast, I happily went with them to the Great Wall.

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Let it Snow!


snow9 Woohoo!!  I didn’t notice that it was snowing not until I was about to head off to church.  It seems like winter is early this year.  It’s kinda strange as when I asked my friends about two years ago of what they remembered as the earliest snowfall in their lifetime and they both said it was November 6. 

Well.. yesterday snowfall apparently is one of the earliest in record.  Last time it snowed this early was eighty seven years ago.  Also, it wasn’t light snow but medium snowfall with big flakes and four inches of snow.  It was so pretty that my friend and I can’t resist taking photos.

The bad side of early snowfall is freezing temperatures and no heating.  In China, all buildings north of the Yangtze river turn on their heating by the 15th of November which officially starts the winter season.  However, as it suddenly snowed yesterday, everyone is wearing two to three sets of clothing inside their home.  It’s such a pain going around and searching for a place where it’s warm.  I might have to resort in buying an electrical heater just to keep myself warm.

I hope they open the heaters soon.  The snow outside is slowly melting and the cleaning ladies are already sweeping them out of the sidewalk.  If you didn’t see some rooftops with snow, you wouldn’t know that it snowed recently.

I hope we’ll have more snowfalls this season or else if they follow the trend we have for the past couple of years, we would only have two to three more left.