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Beijing’s Pub Quiz and Fuel Surcharges

image Do you like Double Jeopardy or Trivial Pursuit?  Ready to test your wits with the best and the brightest expats and locals alike?  Would you like to win some prizes while you enjoy the test of wits?  If you answer yes on all of the questions, then you better haul yourself to one of the weekly quiz nights at your favorite bars and pubs. 

You don’t win any monetary prizes but you’ll be guaranteed a night of fun!  You get to win some free beers or bottles of booze and you will also increase your knowledge.  I remember when I was young, I love to learn more about geography, science, arts, music, history and recent events.  The pub quiz is one of the best ways to reminisce your past and enjoy your life in Beijing.

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Bar Review: Atmosphere

image Fantastic views. Great drinks.  Vibrant live musical entertainment.  A perfect setting to impress your guests or unwind after a stressful day.  Sitting atop the China World Summit Wing is the highest bar in Beijing, ATMOSPHERE (云酷).

Last Saturday, my friends and I went up the highest bar in Beijing to enjoy a musical extravaganza by a Latin band group.  The group is composed of five members from Argentina and Brazil who plays all sorts of music from Jazz, R&B, classical, pop and latin.  My friend compared their music as watching a daily concert without ever getting tired of it.  They put twist in famous songs and make it their own. 

As for the drinks, cocktails are priced from RMB 60-100.  My mojito (RMB 75) was a little bit warm and was not minty at all.  I’ve had better mojitos at George’s Bar at the east side of Worker’s Stadium.  They also offer wines and liquor by glass or by the bottle.  To enjoy your drinks more, they provide complimentary nuts.

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Bar & Restaurant Review: Lan Club (蘭)



Designed by world famous architect Philippe Starck, this bar boast of opulent furnishings and European class that stands out in Beijing.  With a floor area of 6,000 sqm and located on the F floor of LG Tower, people who wanted to be seen and impressed flock to this bar.

In my almost four years stay in Beijing, I’ve been to this place only three times.  The first time was two years ago with my travel buddy, hoping to try out the promo they featured in cityweekend.  When we arrived, we were advised that there was no promo and the staff can barely speak English.  To top it off, taking photos is a no-no.  We just ordered some sandwiches and soda and left the place disappointed.



The sweaters and jackets will take a backseat and imaginations will go wild as Halloween hits town this Friday!  Witches with broom, ninjas, skeletons will roam the street looking for places to haunt and party!  Halloween in Beijing is always fun with the different costumes and wild parties.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a weekday or a weekend as long as it’s Halloween, everyone is out to have a good time!

So if you want to dress like a princess or be godzilla, here are some places for you to strut your stuff this Halloween:

1.  Ku-18 - Located at 798 Art District, this year’s theme is “Spooked”.  If you’re into warehouses and funky music, this will be your dig in this occasion.  RMB 100 (door), RMB 70 (advance).  朝阳区酒仙桥路798创意广场18号

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