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All The Single Ladies! – Beyonce

beyonce-beyonce-230799_1024_768First thing, Happy 60th anniversary to the People’s Republic of China.   I’m back from my two week holiday in Singapore and Manila.  I got my new laptop and China really banned my site.  :(    So now, I’m forced to write this while at work as our company has a VPN connection.

Anyway, this is just a short note to inform everybody living in Beijing that pop diva Beyonce will be in town for a one night concert at the Wukesong Stadium.  This will happen on 23 October 2009, 8pm.  Tickets are sold via at RMB 288, 488, 688, 988, 1288 and 1688.  The lowest and highest priced tickets are all sold out. 

So, all the single ladies.. let’s strut our stuff and join bootilicious Beyonce in Beijing.


Mr. Pure Energy, Gary Valenciano


IMG_0686 June 28, 2009 is not like any ordinary Sunday.  I started the day by going to church.  Lo and behold, a lot of Pinoys were near the front of the auditorium which is a bit weird as they normally stay at the back.  Well,  it seems like they can’t resist the charm of a special guest in the worship service.

I’ve been a fan of Mr. Gary Valenciano ever since he started his music career 25 years ago.  His charisma and voice drew people like moth with a flame.  Being a Christian, endear him to me more as I am one as well.

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Google Music


While biding my time before meeting up with Marco and Richard for the Carrefour Spring Wine Fair, I had dinner with Tita Beth and China Lei at their apartment.  They had CNN on TV and Susan Boyle was one of the headliners for wowing the crowd with her amazing rendition of Les Miserables’ “I Dreamed A Dream”.  I watched the video online and it made me cry in tears.  It was really amazing!  I just hope she has another song up her sleeve that will be as equally or much better than her audition piece.

Another headline on CNN was music piracy.  In China, where everything can be copied and intellectual property rights are difficult to protect, Google China in cooperation with major music labels offer free downloads on Google.  Their aim is to beat Baidu on it’s huge share of the internet search engine market.

When I found out about it, I tried it this afternoon downloading my favorite Chinese and English songs.  They don’t have a very wide selection as yet but they’re aiming for 1 million songs before the year ends.  The search engine is in Chinese but it’s easy to navigate even though you’re not a Chinese reader.

Here’s how to use Google Music:

  • Go to
  • Click the “音乐” icon.  That’s the 5th one from the left.   Then, it will open a new window
  • On the search field, type your favorite artist.

Happy Music Downloads!  It’s Free and Legal!


Upcoming Events in Beijing

For all you music lovers.. Beijing this month will bring you several international artists.  After a ban of events during the Olympic and Paralympic period, music events are back.  To start off, this evening (Oct. 6) will be Avril Lavigne at the Wukesong Basketball Stadium.  Everyone is speculating which song will she sing in Chinese.

On Oct. 12, jazz lovers will get the chance to hear Diana Krall at the Beijing Exhibition Center Theatre.  Rock lovers will get the chance to see Linkin Park on stage at the Worker’s Stadium on October 19.  Kanye West will be visiting Beijing on November 1 with venue yet unknown.

For sports lovers, there will be a pre-season matchup between Milwaukee Bucks and the Golden State Warriors on October 18 at the Wukesong Basketball Stadium.  It seems like the Stadium is being put into good use.  Hopefully, more events will be showcased there as it’s really a marvel to see and would be a waste if nobody uses it.