Price Increases Everywhere

image Why do prices always go up?  Why don’t they ever come down?  Why can’t salaries increase at par with the country’s inflation rate?  My weekly trip to the supermarket is turning into nightmare with some of the products going up weekly.  Sorry.. I’m just ranting with prices that are increasing everywhere. 

Here are some examples of price increases of items I usually use or purchase:

  • Cup of rice @ 7-11:  from RMB 1.8 to RMB 2.0
  • Yakult pack of 5:  from RMB 10.5 to RMB 11.0
  • Rice toppings @ 7-11:  from RMB 14 to RMB 15.5
  • Boiled egg @ bldg convenience store: RMB 1.2 to RMB 1.3
  • Starbucks tall vanilla latte:  RMB 28 to RMB 30
  • Ajisen Ramen Tissue Paper:  Free to RMB 1.0
  • Minute Maid Orange Juice:  RMB 3.2 to RMB 3.5
  • Coldstone small cup:  RMB 27 to RMB 30
  • Honey Pork Rice @ QQ:  RMB 28 to RMB 32

Too many items are increasing or the food portions are getting smaller.  I’m just glad that the local government is still subsidizing the public transportation that for the past 6 years I’ve been in Beijing, no price increase whatsoever on public bus and subway.

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