Starbucks China 2011: Anniversary & Via Collections

image First and foremost, I’d like to wish all my readers a belated Happy Mid-autumn festival!  I would also like to thank Starbucks for the delicious box of Starbucks mooncake which they gave me for free!  The box of mooncake came with 2 each of Espresso Coffee Cheese & Orange, Espresso Coffee Milk Chocolate, Green Tea Toffee Cheese and Espresso Blueberry Cheese mooncakes.  They also included a buy one get one coupon for you to enjoy the mooncake with a friend drinking a cup of your favorite beverage.  The box of mooncake was then placed in a recycled cloth bag in brown.  This mooncake retails at RMB 298.  Another box of mooncake retails at RMB 398 and has drawers in it.  Thank you Starbucks!

Anniversary Collection

Every year in September, Starbucks releases their Anniversary collection aka The Mermaid.  The Anniversary collection includes new tumblers, mugs and coffee blend.

image image

Pike Place Collection

To celebrate their 40 years in the business, they are commemorating their beginnings with the 1971 mug, Pike Place Diana tumbler and pike place mug.

image image image

Via Collection

Via is packaged as something similar to instant coffee which can be easily carried around.  To emphasize this effect, Starbucks released new mugs and tumblers that are coined as “to-go”.


Other Collection

The coffee roast series mug and tumbler are back.   They have already released Sumatra and Kenya.  For this release, they have the espresso roast.  The mug has it’s own box and the regular tumbler.









To signify that autumn is here, they have released mugs and tumblers in pink, yellow and purple with falling leaves design.


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  1. Great Mechandise! Thanks Clau! =))

  2. Is nice… Tumbler still available now? Really like it…

  3. Daphnes,

    Which tumbler are you after? They phased them out already. I’m not sure if you can still get them from some shops.


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