Beijing Taxi Fare Hike Starts Monday

image I was planning to write this article after talking to one of the cab drivers two weeks ago but postponed it as there’s no confirmed date yet.  However, news released today announced that Beijing Taxi Fares will increase by Monday, June 10.

Here are the details that you would need to know about the increase in fares:

  • Flag down rate:  RMB 13 (up to 2.9km)
  • In excess of 2.9 km:  RMB 2.3 / km (Note: not clear if this would be per km or RMB 1.15 per 500m.  Currently it’s RMB 1 per 500m.)
  • Fuel charge:  RMB 1 (standard for all no matter how many km)

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Happy Chinese New Year!

To all my readers, since I’m based in China and with Chinese blood, I would like to wish all of you a Happy Chinese New Year!  May the feng shui masters be wrong about their predictions of gloom in May, slow down in the second half of the year and disasters that are likely to happen.



Starbucks China – 2013 Chinese New Year & Valentines Merchandise

The snakes and hearts are out.  Grab them quick while supplies last.  To give you a glimpse of what to choose from and the promotions they have, here’s this year’s Chinese New Year and Valentines Day merchandise in Mainland China (excluding East China region):


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Happy New Year!

There’s an old wives tale saying that if you do something on the first day of the year, it will set the pace of the year to come. Well hopefully, it’s true as this is my first post of the year and would like to wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year. May the year fill you with blessings and success in the path you’ve chosen. As for me, well, if you look at the picture, you would know where I am right now!


As always, stay safe and live life to the fullest. Get the most out of your 3-day holiday as it will be an 8-day work week after this 3 day respite.


Sneak Peek on 2013 Chinese New Year Merchandise

The Year of the Snake merchandise is set to be launched on January 2, 2013 in Mainland China stores.  Check out the pictures below which I’ve taken from weibo on the items which will be sold next month.

Mainland China


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Merry Christmas!

To all my faithful readers, thank you very much for patronizing my blog.   Even though Christmas is not something that Chinese celebrate, I would still like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  If you’re hoping for a white Christmas, I would suggest fly now to a different place as there’s no snow forecast for Christmas.  As for myself, I’ll be heading back to Manila and celebrate Christmas with my loved ones.



Beijing Subway: The Longer, The Better

Before the end of the year, Beijing is set to extend the tracks of three subway lines and open a new line to offer respite to the travelling public.

New Line:  Line 6

The only new line opening this year would be line 6 which runs parallel to line 1, a little bit to the north and runs from east to west.  This will give the overcrowded line 1 a breather and more options for interchange for travelers to cut their journey short.


Notable interchanges in line 6 are:

  • Line 10:  Hujialou (East) and Cishousi (West)
  • Line 2:  Chaoyangmen (East) and Chegongzhuang (West)
  • Line 5:  Dongsi
  • Line 4:  Ping’anli
  • Line 9:  Baishiqiao South

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The Beijing Spirit

As China progressed exponentially in the past decade, the Chinese culture has been slowly being encroached by other cultures.  A lot of the traditional customs and beliefs has been dwindling to stories and the youth are becoming more and more like their Western counterparts.  To encourage the return of the old beliefs, the Beijing government launched “The Beijing Spirit”.

bjspiritThe Beijing Spirit is composed of four traits – Patriotism, Innovation, Inclusiveness and Virtue.  Patriotism (爱国) is to encourage the people to love their country.  I believe this trait has been ingrained with the older people very deeply while the youth have at times been patriotic.  Loving your country is good but not to the extent that you mindlessly follow whatever the government says without having your own voice.  I guess this is one good trait to have and encourage to the youth of this country.

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2013 Chinese Holidays

imageThe 2013 Chinese Holiday calendar is out!  Too many 7 day work week for the lowly workers like me.  If you’re planning out your holidays next year, be aware of the following holidays to maximize your vacation leaves or get out of town.

  • New Year (元旦): New Year’s Day falls on January 1 (Tuesday).  The holiday schedule would be from January 1 to 3 (Tuesday to Thursday).  Work on Jan 5 & 6 (Saturday & Sunday).
  • Chinese New Year (春节):  Chinese New Year falls on February 10 (Sunday).  The holiday schedule would be from February 9 to 15 (Saturday to Friday).  Work on February 16 & 17 (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Tomb Sweeping Day (清明节):  April 4 to 6 (Thursday to Saturday).  Work on April 7 (Sunday).
  • Labor Day:  April 29 to May 1 (Monday to Wednesday).  Work on April 27 & 28 (Saturday & Sunday).
  • Dragonboat Festival (端午节):  June 10 to 12 (Monday to Wednesday).  Work on June 8 & 9 (Saturday & Sunday).
  • Mid-autumn Festival (中秋节):  September 19 to 21 (Thursday to Saturday).  Work on September 22 (Sunday).
  • National Holiday (国庆节):  October 1 to 7 (Tuesday to Monday).  Work on September 28 & 29 (Saturday & Sunday).

Ahhh!!! That’s 4 seven-day and 1 eight-day work week!  So unfair!  I hope I’ll be able to get through those weeks.  Have a good year of the snake!


Starbucks China – Christmas 2012

imageAfter the successful VIP night yesterday, Starbucks celebrates Christmas in their stores.  Red, White, Blue are the colors of Christmas this year.  Snowman, wolves, stars and polar bears dominated the designs. 

Christmas Beverages

The regular Christmas beverages are back!  They are toffee nut latte and cranberry white chocolate mocha.  A new addition to put a refreshing taste on your hot chocolate is the Peppermint Signature Chocolate.  I had a taste of this concoction and it taste weird.  The chocolate and peppermint are both strong that their flavors are clashing.  It wasn’t as smooth as I want it to be.  I still prefer Coffee Bean’s Moroccan Mint Tea Latte. 

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